The Denmother


Valka, often referred to as “The Denmother”, is the alpha female and pack leader of the garaou tribe known as The Vulture’s Circle. Situated on the cliff-top park Ormer’s Point in the port city of Douni, the Circle has silently and effectively claimed the city and the surrounding lands as its sovereign territory. No garaou passes through or around Douni without either introducing themselves to the reigning alpha – as per proper garaou protocol – or at least having a member of the Circle follow their movements from the shadows.

As the alpha female, Valka rules the Vulture’s Circle with absolute authority. She has the respect of the pack above and beyond her calling as the Alpha, who thrive under her discipline. Firm but fair, the Denmother may be rough around the edges but she takes responsibility for the well-being of each and every member of her pack.

In human form she appears as a dark-haired, weather-worn woman in hunter’s garb with a spear in her hand and her vulture Gammur perched nearby. In Oros Milav mythology, vultures are symbols of catharsis rather than despair; Valka seems to take this to heart, adopting orphaned or tribeless garaou looking for a place to belong.


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