The Tin Man

The Hooded Man


At first glance, the Tin Man’s moniker doesn’t seem to make sense. What little folk can see of him beneath his hood and cloak (albeit that remains just the bit from nose to chin) is clearly flesh and blood. Few have heard him speak, fewer still have seen him do anything more than follow his royal charge (be it Queen or Maiden) like a silent shadow. The quiet he cultivates about him seems to pave the way for rumors of all kinds; and, oddly enough, like a man of tin he doesn’t seem to care.

Some claim he’s a construct. Some claim he’s come back from the dead. Others say he’s UNdead. Others say he’s alive but he doesn’t have a heart (some say emotionally, others say physically, others say both at once!). Some say he’s Lilithiul, others say he’s human, others that he’s not of the Goddess’ mortal works. Rumors come and go as quickly as minds conjure ones more interesting than the last. Only two have seemed to have any real staying power: he’s an absolutely unparalleled swordsman; and he’s the last ashento.

Whatever truth the rumors might hold, he publicly holds the position of royal bodyguard to the Queen and has for the past two years. He has, however, been known to escort other high-ranking officials – mostly the Handmaidens – as the Queen sees fit. What the Maidens think of him also remains up for public debate. But the Maiden of Arms, Handmaiden Samantha, has yet to backhand him with a plated first like she has nearly every other military commander…

The Tin Man

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