Lilithiul Flight Rules

Lilithiul are naturally aerial creatures, even though they all start out as clumsy fliers. Unlike most other fliers, Lilithiul do not have physical wings. Whenever they cast a spell, attempt to teleport, or fly, jets of light erupt from their backs to shed dim light and emit a soft humming noise. Think magical jetpacks.

As a Lilithiul grows in power and experience their magic will strengthen, and so will their capacity to stay in the air for extended periods of time. While that’s cute and all, here’s what that actually means in game terms:

-Lilithiul flight has the (hover) trait. Hover means that you can shift and make opportunity attacks while flying, and you remain flying even if you don’t move the minimum distance normally needed to remain aloft. You can stay in the air even if you take no move action to fly (once you’ve activated your wings, of course). Lower-level Lilithiul still do have the time limit, however.

-Poor flying. All Lilithiul start as Poor fliers, even though flight is a natural state for adults. Poor flying is one step above Clumsy, and Clumsy imparts massive penalties to attacks and defense while in the air. A Poor Lilithiul flier takes -2 to melee attacks, -1 to AC, -1 to Fort, but does not suffer the normal penalty to magic attacks (anything without the Weapon keyword). As their maneuverability improves, the penalties will fade.

-Landing. Once a Lilithiul lands and deactivates their wings, they’ve used up their Flight ability for the day even if they haven’t gone the full 10 minutes. It’s on the players to make sure to announce that they do or do not deactivate their wings whenever they land, or I will consider the ability used up. Your wings are apparent whenever you use magic or cast a spell or a ritual, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re flying. Just state that your flight is still active if you choose to land before its time and you haven’t used up your full time limit.

Flight Rules
Basic movement in flight requires no check, the same way walking doesn’t. Fancy moves during combat, harsh conditions, and other factors will start inducing skill checks.

“Flight Checks” are made using the Acrobatics skill – a measure of how skilled one is in the air.

Sample flight check conditions and DC’s:
DC 10: Shifting in combat in midair while adjacent to an enemy.
DC 20: Negating the effects of a severe windstorm.
DC 25: Dodging falling rocks from a cavern ceiling.

Lilithiul Flight Rules

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