Eccentric Lilithiul Shopkeep


Leovan is a Lilithiul who owns and operates a well-known shop in the port city of Douni on the east coast of Oros Milav. Considered eccentric both by humans and Lilithiul – the former for his disarming series of distracted quirks and flashes of magical brilliance, the latter for his interest in finance – Leovan’s Magical Emporium is nonetheless considered the place to go for enchanted items and curious curios.

Leovan befriended the party early on in their misadventures when they brought a mysterious purple stone to him for identification. Since then he’s taken what some might consider a curious interest in their discoveries; others might simply assume he’s doing what most capable Lilithiul would consider their duty in tracking potentially blasphemous magicks. While his motivations remain murky, none can deny that he and his displacer beast – pet? Familiar? – Helen have been a considerable resource of knowledge for the group.

When Avenger fell into a coma, Father Nemarin requested the group’s assistance in press-ganging Leovan to travel from Douni to the capital of Salanista. While Nemarin and Leovan clearly have some manner of history, their tensions quickly became subsumed by the matter at hand. Leovan spent weeks in the hospital with the unconscious man, wracking his brain along with the doctors and Aiish to discover what had triggered Avenger’s unconsciousness. The days dragged on. His impeccable veneer faded. An exhausted Leovan finally confessed to Aiish that by all of his calculations, Avenger was doomed – for only the blood of a family member would rouse him from his torpor. As he spoke he accidentally goughed his hand with the quill he’d been using to write, splattering some of his blood across Avenger’s face. The young Lilithiul’s eyes opened, now purple instead of the unstable blue, to a pair of shocked stares.

Jumbled confessions soon revealed that Avenger – Eledan – was the son Leovan thought he lost over 40 years ago. Prior to his coma, Avenger had little to no memory of the night he lost his family. Tension grew thick between estranged father and son, resulting in Leovan leaving swiftly for Douni.

Upon visiting the Lilithiul forest-city of Orhun, Aiish’s father Rilliien shed a little more light on Leovan’s past. He said he knew Leovan when he was married, when he and his family lived in a small home less than a day’s travel from the city. Rilliien told Avenger that he remembered Leovan after he lost his family, and how he’d appeared a broken man for many years until recently – and somewhat suddenly – deciding to leave Orhun and set up shop in Douni. Rilliien doesn’t know what caused the abrupt shift in demeanor. Upon finding the trashed homestead, Wiglaf was able to communicate with the traumatized house-spirit that confirmed the benyem’s attack against Avenger’s family and how Leovan gathered soldiers to fight them off. The spirit said “the master of the house” ultimately won the day, but the home was so bloodstained and damaged afterwards that it could no longer inhabit it.

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