Everyone's Favorite Cuddle-Kitty


Displacer beasts are feared magical creatures in Oros Milav. Many relegate them to children’s fairy tales, others whisper dark stories of cat-like creatures that stalk the night in the ancient ruins dotting the evergreen forests choking the heart of the nation. Some say they appeared after the fall of the Lilithiul, a product of the magical backlash. Others say they always existed. While the facts remain scarce, the one thing people can agree on is that displacer beasts are to be feared.

Then there’s Helen.

No one knows where Helen came from, why she’s with Leovan, and why she doesn’t eat every small child in sight. Leovan remains innocuously uninformative about her origins. All people do know is that she’s remarkably charming for an enormous, purple, six-legged, tentacled, magical panther creature. She’s become something of a local legend in Douni, a familiar sight to locals and a tourist attraction for out-of-towners, further fueling the stream of gold into Leovan’s coffers. No one has seen her demonstrate the “displacement field”, as Leovan calls it. No one has seen her do much in the way of hostile action. For a magical beast, she seems to hold a remarkable level of awareness and understanding of the world around her; some have even gone so far as to propose that she has a concrete sense of self, a true sentience. Then she rolls over and demands a belly-rub.

Like her master, Helen raises more questions than answers – particularly who really runs the shop when she decides to sleep wherever she pleases on his salesfloor.

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