Eledan Tárion

Lilithiul Psion


AC: Not much
Attack Bonus: 0


The Lilithiul Psion formerly known as “Avenger” has awakened from a long sleep, and his secret identity is revealed: Eledan, Leovan’s son.

Linguistic pedantry: He still styles himself as Eledan Tárion (from Sindarin, standing in for Lilithai: eleid+dan, “dream-crafter;” taur+ion, “son of the forest;” a name he chose for himself when his ancestry was unknown), though he now appends it with o nost Leovan (“of the House of Leovan”). He may refer to himself as Curuleovan (“skillful [son of] Leovan”), a self-awarded honorific.

Formerly an individual with blue eyes (a trait linked to criminal insanity in Lilithiul), he awoke from a spiritual experience with unprecedented purple eyes—none know what this means, but he is convinced that he is “getting better.” Along with this comes a renewed purpose: to destroy the artifacts of evil sorcery, and defeat the ancient force that corrupts the world.

Originally from the forest surrounding Orhun, Eledan kept to human cities for much of his life (never daring to return to Lilithiul territory). He studied magic and trained his psionic abilities in Salanista, where he operated for years as the masked vigilante “Avenger.” Ever since a bad run-in with a crime organization called the Violet Circle, he has been traveling with the party across the length and breadth of the land.

Eledan Tárion

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