Guardian of the Fallen Tower


Azdreyri is the enormous dragon guarding the Tower of Arin and the Prophet that dwells inside from interlopers, potential thieves, and other general undesirables. Unfortunately, he classifies almost all visitors to the remote ruin as undesirables, so much so that rumors of a “great shadow” have made it back to Machus Brigsnde from terrified adventurers who saw something swoop out of the air and engulf the rest of their comrades. Whether or not Azdreyri leaves one or two trespassers alive in order to spread rumors is up for debate; he seems to enjoy the quiet regardless.

Surly habits aside, Azdreyri is not, as some of the rumors would suggest, subjugating the Prophet for his own ends. Rather, he views himself as her – or him, or it, he’ll never tell – primary guardian. He listens to her/him/it intently and has never failed to carry out her/his/its will. As the Prophet rarely gives Azdreyri a direct command, this leaves the dragon up to his own devices and deviousness on how to conduct affairs.

Deep beneath the crashed Tower is a chamber full of glimmering crystals where Azdreyri spends his time when not on patrol. It’s here that the dragon purifies tainted crystals and meditates on his mission, and where he retreats to when the beast in his blood stirs too strongly. For all his bravado and irritating sense of humor, Azdreyri is a staunch foe of The Great Breaker despite the fact that, as some would claim, he is in fact the Breaker’s spawn by virtue of being a dragon.

As far as anyone can tell, Azdreyri’s primary weapons are his massive bulk – which he seems to be able to modify at will – and his breath weapon. He breathes not fire but fog, which can choke an area without burning off in the morning sun. The fog breath can animate itself and attack creatures inside it. A great, glittering gem resides in the crown of his skull that gleams with white light against his cobalt scales. What other abilities Azdreyri possesses is unknown – other than a tremendous sense of mischief when bored.

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