Aiish is a Lilithiul woman, survivor of the Fall 2,000 years ago. Her parents, fearing for her life, trapped her in an amethyst during the catastrophe. Only 5 years ago did the magics imbuing her prison fail, but it took another two for her to fully regenerate. During that time, her skin and hair took on gorgeous reddish highlights from the prison, accentuating an already blindingly beautiful individual. She came to find her mother died in the Fall but her father survived. Since her release he’s been helping her get up to speed on recent events and sorting out the inevitable kinks in her magic after two thousand years of stasis.

Though Lilithiul women have three generations of memory within them, Lilithiul men tend to be more favored when it comes to the gift of prophecy. This made it exceptionally bizarre when Aiish woke up in a cold sweat one night, voice from her dreams still ringing in her head: The fate of the pariah heralds your salvation. She could not remember the dream itself, only the words and an intense feeling of dread. It prompted her to leave Orhun and travel to Salanista, the religious and political capital of the human empire, to seek guidance.

While in the city she ran into Avenger and Rauul, two ‘humans’ who had managed to land themselves in a heap of trouble right before her eyes. Before she could help them, Avenger used his magic to smite their pursuers. Aiish noticed his blue eyes and the words of her vision came back to her. She followed them back to the Disky Framsel, but Rauul could talk her ear off without actually telling her anything about Avenger. Avenger himself proved very difficult to find.

When Rauul was assigned to Wiglaf, he hooked Avenger into coming. Aiish had been tracking their progress and decided to join them, coming up with one fanciful excuse after another, all equally plausible. Charming as she is, she won the group over easily. She pays no special attention to Avenger, content to observe him for now.


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