Oros Milav

Flight from the Den - Return to Douni

After slaying a very tenacious cloud-monster, we decided we had cleared the Den of Woe. On our way out, Elva, a Garaou-friend messenger, appeared and told Orthstirrgar that our presence was requested in Douni, by the Den-mother.

As we proceeded south, we came across a giant construct embedded in the mountainside [image to be posted elsewhere]. We fled from it, but it pursued. We eventually ambushed it in a swamp near Harn, and left its broken body in the water. Eledan chipped off a piece to take to Leovan, recalling an image of these constructs flying out of the scales of the Breaker. Leovan later revealed that these things were created by the Lilithiul in ancient times, but were stolen and used by the Breaker (he used the word “spawn”).

Presently, we proceeded to Harn. The soldiers told us strange things were afoot, so we stayed watchful. At night [x hours after dusk?], a veritable river of undead passed by. A lighted arrow was shot into one of them; it didn’t react. We stood next to the procession of zombies, casting red and green light on them as they passed, and they didn’t react.

We first tried walking upstream (North). The column of corpses seemed endless, but at dawn, they disappeared from sight. The next day, we walked downstream (South), while sending riders from Harn upstream to look for the source. The trail was clear of all animal life. At night we saw the zombies again [x hours after dusk?]. We pursued them for days, going miles out of our way (due south, rather than southeast towards Douni). The riders of Harn returned, carrying a violet stone they’d found north of Douni.

After an ill-devised ambush in the snow (and a mostly unhelpful airlift), our quarry suddenly turned due West. We searched the immediate area and found another violet stone, perhaps a waypoint. We pursued them West and found them gathering in an ancient battlefield—the site of the Battle of the Three Moons. We got the drop on three robed humanoids, but they immediately vanished, taking all the zombies with them.

We decided to leave the investigation for the time being and travel to Douni. We could not bring the owlbears into the city, so Orthstirrgar took them up to Ormer’s Point himself while the rest of us explored the city. Traders from the lands of the Sun Kings were peddling their wares. Aiish got a dragon familiar. Eledan got some potions. Vondal got drunk.

At the meeting with the Garaou, Valka spoke that the army of dead on the march towards Salanista. Elva went missing some time ago. The deliberation: do we start from this end, or start from the Salanista side? To start looking for her, or the army of the undead?

That night, Aiish, Eledan, and Karyanin stayed at Leovan’s. Eledan was awoken in the night by Helen, who led him through a secret door to a hidden shrine. It had two gold rings, one red rose, one blue rose, and a picture of a couple with a child. Glowing letters appeared: “There will be a reckoning.” Helen was acting strangely, as though she perfectly understood. Eledan tried talking to her, but she was unresponsive. She went upstairs aa Leovan returned. He seemed wounded. Helen helped him to his room. Eledan returned to bed and did not sleep.



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