Oros Milav

Den of Woe

Located the Den of Woe in the southern foothills of Mt. Mortal Dragon.

Found Kurothe runes inscribed on trees and stones leading up to the Den. Wiglaf recognized them as markings from someone in his tribe.

The owlbears refused to actually enter the Den. Inside, the fog churned thick about the floor and glowing balls of light swam about the ceiling. They kept keening in a way that threatened to drive everyone mad, and periodically attacked the group. Eledan managed to arrive in time to help fight off the first batch of life-leeching lights.

In the depths of the Den was a small pond filled with black liquid. A black drake rose from the water but Orthstirrgar jumped onto its back and ripped it to shreds despite the acidic blood burning him. When the drake died the body disappeared into clouds of keening lights. Karyanin started screaming about blood and fire; nothing could calm him down, so Wiglaf shoved the gnome into his pocket to mute the noise. Vondal Steelheart got patched up, but stayed snoring on the cargo disc to sleep off both the acid burns and his hangover.

Across the water was an ancient human-sized corpse, skull pinned to the wall by a crossbow bolt with an empty crossbow lying next to it. Behind the body was a small alcove in which was hidden a chest containing a lahou-sized amulet, an ermine mask, and a giant bearskin rug. Eledan quickly found out that the mask turned the wearer into an ermine. Wiglaf took the skin as a cloak. Orthstirrgar took the amulet.

Upon exiting the chamber with the pond, more lights attacked the group. They elected to rest outside the cave for a bit after that, whereupon Orthstirrgar beheld a vision while contemplating the garaou symbols inscribed on the amulet. Eledan noticed more Kurothe runes on the outside of the cave carved in a shaky hand. He pointed them out to Wiglaf, who spoke for the first time since meeting anyone – “She was here.” Then he promptly passed out from exhaustion.

Upon re-entering the cave they went north and came across a series of ebon pools. Orthstirrgar saw tentacles rise up from the depths of the pool and drag him under, but everyone else just saw him keel face-first into the water. Wiglaf fished him out, but couldn’t fish anything else up using his halbert as a pole. Orthstirrgar used the crystal obtained from Azdreyri’s lair and it dispelled the magic on the water, at least for as long as the light from the crystal shone into it.

They passed the pools into larger chambers where the fog grew thick. Something kept flickering out of the corner of Orthstirrgar’s vision but whenever he pounced he found nothing bug fog. Azdreyri’s crystal could barely give off light in that chamber. They ventured as far north as they could until they found more black water, then veered off to the west.

In the next chamber to the west they encountered visions. Eledan’s mother, Orthstirrgar’s aunt, and Wiglaf’s grandfather all appeared in clouds of swimming balls of light. Aiish couldn’t see any of them. Wiglaf asked the house spirit residing in Eledan’s dala horse but the spirit replied that the entire cave was empty of spirits it could sense. Eledan realized that if Aish approached one of the apparitions it would disappear. Aiish guesses it has something to do with the amulet her father gave her.


Fun read. I look forward to getting out of my ale-induced coma.

Den of Woe

No you don’t! You’ll be drinking again within seconds of waking up.

Den of Woe

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