Oros Milav

Den of Woe

After Aiish dispersed the spirit manifestations, the party continued on to the next chamber. In the next chamber, they were assailed by swarms of lights. The companions finally triumphed after a long and arduous fight.

And there, in an alcove at the end, Wiglaf and the others found a stele and the dessicated corpse of a female kurothe with an inexplicably large exit wound in her back, with her heart and much of her spine missing. It was Thrunnadae, who had stolen the stele from Wiglaf so long ago. Wiglaf found a note addressed to him on her body. In it, she claims the stele is a key, and that she was about to perform a cleansing ritual, possibly at the cost of her life. On that count, it seems she was right. Wiglaf’s vow of silence came to an end at that moment, the terms had been met.

Having made a cairn for Thrunnadae, the party is ready to proceed further into the Den.



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